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Classic Treasure Chest

Building a collection takes time, but you can help speed up the process with one of these fantastic bundles. These items are perfect for the player looking to expand their deck building possibilities.

Each Treasure Chest is filled to the brim with cards from some of Magic’s most popular expansions, guaranteeing you a variety of creatures and spells from throughout the multiverse. Kick start your collection today!

Inside this Treasure Chest you will find the following items:

425 Assorted commons and uncommons
25 Different rares, guaranteed no duplicates (gold expansion symbol only)
100 Assorted basic land

All cards included will be NM or EX condition. Assorted commons and uncommons may have duplicates, however we try to provide a nice range of colors and sets. There is no guarantee that you will receive any specific number of individual basic land in this Treasure Chest.

Please note: If purchasing more than one Treasure Chest you are likely to receive mostly or all duplicate cards.

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