MTG / 5th Edition

5th Edition

Set Name: 5th Edition
Overview: 5th Edition was the seventeenth Magic: The Gathering set and fifth core set, a revision of the base set released in March of 1997. It contained 449 cards, counting multiple illustrations of basic lands, making it the largest card set in the game's history.
5th Edition was the first of the core sets to reprint cards from the first 'Block' of expansions; Ice Age, Fallen Empires, and Homelands.
Edition Breakdown: 449 Total Cards
132 Rares
132 Uncommon
165 Common
20 Lands
Block: Core Sets
Tournament Type: Legacy, Vintage
Foils: No
Border: White
Symbol: No Symbol (see below)

5th Edition
(note the double border and the 1997 copyright date)

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