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Battle Royale

Set Name: Battle Royale
Overview: Released in November 1999, Battle Royale contains 4 evenly matched 40 card decks designed specifically for multiplayer Magic. Each deck contains white-bordered, reprinted cards and has the same rarity breakdown of 2 rare, 8 uncommon & 30 common cards.
Edition Breakdown: 4 40-card preconstructed decks
Each deck contains:
2 Rare
8 Uncommon
30 Commmon
Block: Special Sets
Tournament Type: These cards are tournament legal in their respective formats.
Foils: No
Border: White
Symbol: There is no specific symbol for this set. These cards have a white border, a copyright date of 1993-1999, and the expansion symbol of the set from which they are reprinted.
Battle Royale

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