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Collectors' Edition

Set Name: Collectors' Edition
Overview: When the first sets of Magic (Alpha/Beta) were still in print, Wizards released a boxed set containing all the cards printed in a special format. This set was called the Collectors' Edition. This special collectors' edition of Magic: The Gathering contains all 302 cards from the original Deckmaster series of playable trading cards. The complete set is augmented with duplicates of the many land cards, making a total of 363 cards. These cards are produced in a special collectors' format with square-cut corners. The card backs have gold borders and the text Collectors' Edition in gold lettering. These cards are not tournament legal.
Edition Breakdown: 363 Total Cards
Block: Special Sets
Tournament Type: Not Tournament Legal
Foils: No
Border: Black
Symbol: No Symbol (see below)

Collectors' Edition
(Note the square corners and gold border. Not tournament legal)

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