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From the Vault: Relics

Set Name: From the Vault: Relics
Overview: From the Vault: Relics contains fifteen battle-tested artifacts, culled from throughout the history of Magic: The Gathering. This limited-edition set also contains an exclusive preview card, the mythic rare "Sword of Body and Mind" from Scars of Mirrodin. Each box contains 15 Premium foil cards (including 9 with new art), an exclusive spindown life counter and a collector's guide. Each card has been printed using a foil process unique to the "From the Vault" series. The 15 cards are all printed in the current card frame – for several, it is for the first time.
Edition Breakdown: 15 Total Cards (all foil, 9 with new artwork)
Block: Special Sets
Tournament Type: These cards are tournament legal in their respective formats.
Foils: Yes
Border: Black
Symbol: From the Vault: Relics

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