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Mirrodin Besieged

Set Name: Mirrodin Besieged
Overview: Released on February 4th, 2011, in Mirrodin Besieged the Phyrexian assault on the metallic plane of Mirrodin intensifies. The Mirran resistance rallies to survive and overcome. Both sides bring the full might of their arsenals to bear. Not only does this set have more of what made the Scars of Mirrodin set great - incredible artifacts, poison, Equipment, Myr - but it also introduces new mechanics like battle cry and living weapon. And again, nearly every card in the set has a symbol of its allegiance in its text box.
Edition Breakdown: 155 Total Cards
10 Mythic Rares
35 Rares
40 Uncommon
60 Common
10 Basic Land
Block: Scars of Mirrodin
Tournament Type: Extended, Modern, Legacy, Vintage
Foils: Yes
Border: Black
Symbol: Mirrodin Besieged

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