MTG / Duel Decks: Blessed Vs. Cursed

Blessed Vs. Cursed

Set Name: Duel Decks: Blessed Vs. Cursed
Overview: Holy Warriors Unite Against the Unquiet Dead

A divine mission has once again united the Humans, Spirits, and Angels of Innistrad. Together, these protectors will stand against the shadows, fighting for humanity's salvation.
Evil rules the night. Shambling hordes of the dead roam free, their cemetery gates in ruins, as powerful Demons soar overhead. The fate of the living remains shrouded in darkness.
Will you defend hope or snuff it out?
Edition Breakdown: 2 60-card preconstructed decks
Block: Special Sets
Tournament Type: These cards are tournament legal in their respective formats.
Foils: Some of the cards are available as a foil.
Border: Black
Symbol: Blessed Vs. Cursed

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